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Solomon Island Cacao Experience Gift Pack  


This is a new time of change, empowerment & community, all aligned for us to thrive as one. Food sovereignty and united people is at the heart of this experience. 


We invite you to indulge & enjoy our love full Cacao experience for all the senses!  

An experience of the Solomons with a story & You are apart of it! 


What’s in the box?  

*200g Roasted Cacao Beans  

*210g 100% Cacao Paste 

*4x 30g 70% Bean-to-Bar Raspberry Chocolate  

*45g Cacao Husk Tea  

*300g Magnesium Bath Salt with hand-picked Roses, Kawakawa & Cacao Husk   

Delivery everywhere in NZ 

We are only making 100 boxes - so don’t miss this chance


*Roasted Beans - a perfect snack to enjoy around the table while sharing stories. 

Eat them as they are or peel them and enjoy the grounding taste of the nibs


*100% Cacao Paste - crafted from the roasting beans & stone grounded to create a smooth paste that can be transformed into a nourishing drink or decadent chocolate


*70% Bean-to-bar Raspberry Chocolate

enjoy this wholesome chocolate on it’s own or add it to warm milk for a delicious drink that can be consume hot or cold!!


*Cacao Husk -  this very versatile part of the Cacao bean can be consume as a tea - also known as Skinny tea in the Island, for it’s great property to make your skin nice and shine. 

It can also enjoyed as a snack, on top of porridge, smoothy or… sprinkle it on your Cacao drink


*Magnesium Salt Bath with hand-picked Roses, Kawakawa & Cacao Husk - a sensual combination of high frequency plants to nourish and soothe your body


By supporting this Cacao you are supporting Pacific businesses to strengthen & unite! 

Building resilience in trade & education. 


After our recent trip to the Solomons we meet the farmers directly and had the honour to experience the real Solomon gold - the people. The smiles, the laughs but most of all the hard work. The love that they put into their vision - to grow and produce a life of abundance with Cacao. Supporting their families and putting Solomon Islands on the map for their treasure. Yet void of there own Cacao Experience - in 60 years. Never to have tried their own beans just sold to the world for our chocolate. 

The connection we formed with these farmers has changed the way we look at Cacao forever and what it means to be a Pacific nation - brothers and sisters to all who call these waters home. Tears of pure elation for the first taste of their own gold - cacao lovers forever on. This is why we wish to call you forth on our first Solomons Cacao Experience pack, a moment of joy for all the senses. A moment to breathe gratitude for the hands who loved each of these beans from Solomons to ours here in Aotearoa. 


We are already planning to return to the Solomons and support the cacao ambassador with further training to empower more farmers on how to consume their beans first! 

Solomon Cacao Experience

Order now! Limited stock available. Boxes will be ready for shipping by Dec. 2nd
  • Delivery everywhere in NZ

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