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Chakra Balance

  • 1 h
  • 100 New Zealand dollars
  • In person/Remote

Service Description

In this session I will work on your energetic body, checking all your energy centres, Chakras. These chakras bring in and emit energy which flows in our day to day lives. Each chakra relates to a different part of our life and being. In time of struggle or change the energy can stop flowing freely and cause the Charka(s) to become blocked or imbalanced. These blockages can manifest in many ways. For example, the throat chakra is strongly linked to communication, if you are in a relationship where you are not able to say how you truly feel you may lose your voice physically. The treatment aims to identify any possible blockages. The intention is to release any chakra blockages and promote a free flow of energy to restore balance and a sense of wellbeing. By balancing your Chakras you may be able to: ∙ Remain calm within your everyday life ∙ See challenges for what they are, and not be as affected by them. ∙ Overcome past life experiences which could have left their mark on you. ∙ Assist others without their problems affecting you. ∙ Develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness to feel good about yourself and life every day *Payment plans & Gift cards available on request*

Contact Details


Garden Apartment 47 State Highway 10, Coopers Beach, New Zealand

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