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The journey

This delicious fruity Cacao comes from the Solomons Islands.
My intention is to go beyond fair trade and ceremonial guidelines to bring you cacao that is sourced transparently.
The Cacao Ambassador, who work on the ground, stand for the empowerment and liberation of all growers, assisting the reconnection to a powerful crop that has been broken for a long time.  
Each step is done with care for optimal activation so that you may confidently enjoy it daily without hesitation or confusion.

(Read the mission below)

The mission:

  • The Cacao farmer’s family, community, village has their own Cacao and then we support in further income in building new markets overseas. This then naturally means Cacao Ambassadors have to be on the ground, in the villages, training and showing how a variety of cacao products can be made without any special tools or power.

  • Development of Cacao for mental wellness in the mainstream industry, especially for Women and Teenagers.

  • Educates Consumers around New Zealand and the world on Cacao, its health benefits and how to use it as a daily food and even how to make chocolate at home.

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